Hood Booking has your number. Hood Booking lurks in the back alleys and behind the dumpsters. Hood Booking keeps their ears to the ground. Hood Booking is tied to no one, but could help everyone. Hood Booking might be calling you. Hood Booking could save your life. Hood Booking might have a floor for you to sleep on. Hood Booking is an independent booking agency. Hood Booking is coming to your town.

Thunderbirds Are Now! will be available in the spring of 2004.  They are feverishly getting a sexy stab at new material to be displayed over a candle light vigil in the near future.  TAN! has had one hell of a year, playing with such bands as Les Savy Fav, Dance Disaster Movement, The Locust, The Ex-Models, Q and Not U, The Black Eyes, The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Small Brown Bike, From Monument to Masses, 90 Day Men, SPRCSS, Milemarker, Radio Berlin, Stylex, The Rapture, Enon, Skeleton Key